• "Ok, Chuck, should YOU do it, or should I"?
  • We don't need the gun. I tell George to start digging a tunnel in the wall, at a step angle. The dirt piles up at the base of the pit, lifting Chuck and I up. George continues to dig, as Chuck and I slowly rise to the top: Eventually, George's tunnel cave's in, resulting in an incline from where we are standing to the surface. George is now buried alive, and Chuck and I are safe, so we make out. :)
  • We tell George that Bin Laden has undergone plastic surgery and now looks like George Bush. George grabs the gun and shoots himself, just to be sure, Chuck picks me up and throws me out of the pit, then jumps out himself, we fill the pit in and the world is now a better place.
  • Chuck Norris kills George with the pistol, then round-house kicks me in the face and climbs out of the pit using only his beard. : P
  • I hold onto Chuch Norris as he flys us out of the pit like superman. We then look back to make sure George is left in the pit, and when anyone asks, we reply "It was so dark, and he was so dumb, he wandered away and we couldn't find him."
  • Chuck Norris jumps and kicks hitting one wall propelling himself to the other wall up and up doing that until he is out of the pit. I take the gun and shoot Bush. Just for kicks. And I wait and Chuck comes back with a rope and I climb up and out.
  • Chuck puts the pistol on automatic and yells "Stand Back" He fires it into the base of the pit. The recoil sends him flying out of the pit a high speed. He slams into a nearby car, grabs his side and grimaces, but shakes it off an moves on to his next Walker Texas Ranger moview.
  • I walk away allowing them to settle their own problems.

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