• I weighed a double wheel assembly from an urban transit bus once to calculate dynamic forces on a vehicle's suspension and, if I recall correctly, it weighed something around one ton. This would mean the weight of a single wheel assembly would be about one thousand pounds. This gives one an idea of the damage these can cause to a passenger vehicle if a truck loses one at highway speeds.
  • A semi ( tractor & trailer ) empty normaly weight in @ 32,000 #. in most states the max. grose weight is 80,000.
  • A "wheel" meaning, without the tire on it, is approximately 150 Lbs. A "wheel" meaning, with the tire on it, add 350Lbs to equal 500 Lbs. A "wheel" meaning, dual, a set of two side-by-side, equals 1,000 Lbs. A "wheel" meaning, the fifth-wheel, is approximately 1,200 Lbs.
  • A wheel (just the metal part) can be in a wide range of weights, depending on the metal it's made from and its size. A steel wheel will come in around 50 pounds, and an aluminum will be significantly lighter, less than 30 pounds, for a standard tractor/trailer sized wheel, the most common being 22.5 inches in diameter and about 9 inches wide. The tire is a good deal heavier, approaching 100 pounds when new. By the way, truck tires still pay an excise tax, which is a federal tax charged according to the weight of the tire.
  • An aluminum wheel weighs approx 75# and a steel will weigh roughly 15# more. As for total truck weight mine full of fuel weighs 30820#. I don't get the first answer

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