• I would be pretty laid back as I was probably speeding.
  • I would be polite. There may be some logical reason for the pull, why cause problems with attitude.
  • I would be on the offensive to a degree if I thought I was being hassled. Of course I would be sure everything was in order.
  • I would be polite (and nervous) and hope that for whatever reason he decided to pull me over, he'd change his mind>
  • The best bet is to be polite and pleasant. It always worked on me and I only issued one ticket for a traffic offence in a 20 year period. Policemen would really rather deal with crime than traffic. It's just that you can't ignore people breaking the law right in front of you. It's as if they're deliberately challenging you to do something about it.
  • I am polite on the outside and irritated as h*** on the inside.
  • A, B, C, and D.
  • I would be irritated worried and upset, but not show the police officer anything but politeness.
  • b) Polite. Any other of those and I would get a ticket, or maybe worse (if I had pms), hauled off to jail. ~00~
  • I get seriously irritated and upset in a very respectful and polite sort of way.
  • Very very very polite. You are in the control of someone who is in charge of you at that moment. Being extremely polite and courteous is the smartest way to continue on with the dialog..being irritated (if it shows at all) will work against you. Being worried or upset is putting the cart before the horse. I was once pulled over by a police officer and handed a coupon for a buffet in my local neighborhood..that's how the police department was rewarding courteous drivers. So before you react, you first need to give the officer a chance to let you know why you were stopped. :)
  • I would be C and D
  • Seriously, it would depend on the state I got pulled in and who was in the car with me. I'm generally pretty polite and flirtacious, and end up getting the ticket let go. However, if I'm in the car w/my daughter, that little bit of worry always creeps in. I never get angry with police - not to where they can see it. I don't want them to have an actual reason to take me somewhere.
  • May i answer this question, from a police officers point of view? Officers are not going to stop you, unless 1. you have violated a traffic law 2. the officer has knowledge that their is an outstanding warrant for your arrest 3. you and your auto are suspect in a crime. 90% of police officers are polite and will immediately give you the reason for stopping you. giving the reason first, eliminates any questions the driver may have, concerning the stop. 90% of drivers are very polite and are naturally concerned, why they were stopped. Attitude plays a big part on both the officer and the driver. i give many warnings, based on drivers truthfulness and attitude. A surefire bet is: if the officer catches you in a lie, you can be assured of receiving a citation.
  • i will give you answer c, very worried... my butt would be twitching and I would feel like I was about to lose my lunch
  • Irritated
  • I would look polite but worried because, I have heard too many stories about being a smart a*s so they gave them a ticket.
  • All three with the smallest piece being polite due to self preservation.
  • Pissed off and I will show it. A person who hides behind a badge and a gun are small people indeed. (Yes there are cops out there who do perform their jobs correctly, but most of them around here are true "PIGS")
  • I treat them like any other human being, thus polite. Mostly they're polite too, but if not, it wouldn't make any difference; Cops or not, rude people with their predictable behaviour are mere lab rats to me =D Why get mad or provoked by a barking dog?

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