• Actually, it does. It seems like the more sun I get, the more energy I FEEL like I have.
  • For me it affects how I feel. I am lucky to be by two large windows where I work and get the sunlight when it is there...
  • yes. When its sunny I want to leave work early and enjoy the rays. Sunny days usually make me feel happier.
  • YES!! The more sun, the more motivated I am. I actually enjoy going to work, etc. Of course, I prefer to get out hiking and such too!
  • Studies show this is important. I have a friend who moved to Sweden. The bars and clubs in Sweden are BRIGHT, not dark like in the US. That's because in the winter, unless you go out at lunch, you might not see the sun at all.
  • Yes, but in reverse. I love days where it's overcast and cool. Raining is the best. I can feel my brain perk up and I get tons more accomplished. When it's sunny I just become a useless blob. And this is why I hate summer in Los Angeles.
  • yes definitly. in the summer i am up as soon as i wake up and i feel full of energy and i feel good whereas when its dark and gloomy i just want to stay in bed.

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