• naturaly . no body wants to think this is all there is especialy those of us that have lived longer than we have left to live.
  • No. I won't start believing in fantasy because I fear death.
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  • Cramming for the finals ; ) (Yes, but I'd say it's only a slight majority that do; the rest have made up their mind by the time they get to that stage : P )
  • I think that whatever a person believes when well will be if he/she believes in a higher power,the focus will be on that as a means of comfort or to bring a certain amount of peace..if he/she does not, I think the focus will be on one's life, one's loved ones..a sudden "conversion"...I don't know. I think that would be unlikely.
  • I think that whatever a person believes when well will be if he/she believes in a higher power,the focus will be on that as a means of comfort or to bring a certain amount of peace..if he/she does not, I think the focus will be on one's life, one's loved ones..a sudden "conversion"...I don't know. I think that would be unlikely.
  • They may, and there are plenty of historical 'deathbed conversions' to support such a possibility. For myself, I think I shall go to my grave in the same way I've lived my life. I reserve belief in anything until I see some evidence. It may be slight evidence, but evidence has to be there for me to form any sort of opinion, and that includes a belief system.
  • I think the more our mind and bodies deteriorate the more other things we can see. It's easy to become spiritual when you let go of things that tell you otherwise, even your physical body that's supposedly doesn't think. For me, even though I'm young I'd say I'm very close to death, but not in a bad way. I'm not going to die soon, but I am dead enough to see what living people can't see. So I'm pretty spiritual. But I'm too immature and naive to be as spiritual as older people because for me it's just fun and games. It's fun to compose glorious symphonies. There is a place inside and all around us that we can go to for anything. It will provide whatever we need because it is always there and it can match our minds and imaginations. It's doesn't really control what we gain from it, we do. That's where religion is misunderstood. God has been in our control the entire time. It's not separate from us. It's also not a he. And because I'm more dead than my friends, I know this.
  • Yes, it is so much easier to believe that there is a God that will ,,sort you out'' once you pass away.That is what weak minds do. It is much harder to face the reality of ending beeing alive when there is no more time left to undo things that are regreted or do things that one never done in lifetime.
  • so far for me its been the other way around Not that I'm really that close.
  • No..I am on the countdown to the big finale list..and it does not make me want to all the sudden get some religion. I do know that some people are more likely to go that way, just not a me thing, that would make me a hypocrit :)
  • Yes. To quote Dune, Fear is the mind-killer. As people fear death, they try to take out "spiritual insurance policies" that they would have considered foolish in their younger, healthier years.
  • Yes I do believe that. When people that do not believe in god that are close to death, I believe that they seek some way out of it. Of course they cannot prevent them selves from dying, but they might seek some way to lessen the pain. They might want some way so that when they die, they know what happens after that. They probably want answers to their questions about the after life. When seeking the answers, they seek a religion. It does not matter which one, but they probably choose which one that they think will or has given them the best answers to their questions. Great Question!
  • Depends on the person. Some do some don't. I think cultural myths influence this belief as well though like the idea Darwin recanted on his death bed which was completely apocryphal according to his daughter who was with him for the entirety of his decline.
  • Not that a sample size of "one" is a good representation of the population, but when my great-grandmother, who was an atheist all her life, was in the hospital on her deathbed, suffering terribly from cancer, she never once believed in anything spiritual or religious, and held steadfast in her certainty, based on the lack of any evidence, that she would not move on to any sort of life after death. Even when her loved ones tried to console her with life after death, or that they'd see her again in Heaven or something like that, she repeatedly told us that she didn't believe in that, that we would not see anything in death, except hallucinations brought on by hypoxia and stress on the central nervous system that some people call near death experiences.
  • Yes. We are all scared of death. Once we are getting closer to death, we want to grab to something that will make us feel good. The idea of immortality is something that we all have deep inside of us. We want to live forever, so there is nothing better than to accept the religious belief or promise that if we follow certain conditions we will be saved and live forever in Paradise united to our long gone lost ones. Yes, being religious is a comforting state of mind during those difficult times.
  • i believe that it is assumed that people take on more of a believe wheter that be religion or spiritual closer to the end of their life bacause it's taken them that long to find who they really are and what they really want, for others who have already found all that they can tell you their theory but until you find yourself you'll never understand them
  • Yes, in two significantly different ways. I think people who are terminally ill quite often become more spiritual and/or more religious. And I think that people, as the mature (accumulate age and experience), gain wisdom and generally become more spiritual and/or more religious. I guess you can call this getting closer to death but I think this is growth in wisdom and not a growth in fear of death. With love in Christ.
  • I think this could be the case with people who are terminally ill for sure. Maybe it is part of the consumate, " getting your affairs in order" thing. What is more important than getting your soul in order for the journey. Sometimes it takes a tremendous blow to make people see that they need to change their ways also, and knowing death is close might be that wake up call for some.
  • I think this is more the case when a loved one is lost - arguably one of weakest times as a living being capable of empathy. I've met many people that are so desperate to see their departed beloved that they convince themselves that they MUST see them again - hey presto, you've got yourself an afterlife. This is a point where people need unconditional support, not to have their weaknesses exploited. However, as sentient beings, it is difficult to believe that minds such as ours will simply stop when our bodies do (even though our sense of self is created by our brains). I think this is a natural thing to think, leading to such thoughts as "What a waste", I certainly have moarned the loss of great minds even of those I'm not related to. So, yes, I think the answer is closer to yes than no.
  • Sure, we all have this feeling that we are going to live forever, then all of a sudden, it happens. Mainly for people that have never discovered God, never believed in God or religion. when all of a sudden they discover their mortality, and thinking that they are the body, think they're going to die.. For the people that have discovered God , this simply is a transition time into another body. Death... the big leveler. Thing to remember is that only the body dies, and that your soul is immortal.
  • i think it depends on the person since everyone is different
  • If people would only read the Bible, then death would be explained...that it is only temporary....And will be eliminated through the resurrection...that Jesus PAID for.... Jesus was given life again on the earth, as a man, for an extra 40 days, before being taken to his father Jehovah. He even ate fish with his disciples... And all those who have ever died will also be resurrected. (Acts 24:15) And I have hope toward God, which hope these men also look forward to, that there is going to be a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous. The only exception being those who were killed by a direct ' act of God', such as Pharoah and his army who chased the Jews across the Red Sea...and (Isaiah 37:36) And the angel of Jehovah went out and struck down 185,000 men in the camp of the As

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