• I have an Atari 8600 Somewhere in my Garage.
  • A Sega Genesis in my attic. Complete with like, 50 20-cent games.
  • I have an old electric skillet that my gtrandmother use to use. I still use it when I make fried chicken.
  • I have a 1950's Chrome Toaster and I still makes the best toast ever. Funny, I've seen similar models now sold in the stores. I also have a home movie camera, the kind that was used before video cameras came out.
  • Remember PONG...still have it
  • Atari and the one BEFORE Atari... In Television.
  • We actually have a beta player in our house :) I don't know where it came from, but it must be my boyfriend's because I keep finding it when we move.
  • I have an 8-track player that I purchased new from Radio Shack in 1974. It still works fine.
  • I have a early 80's digi alarm clock/radio/cassette player that I use every night and my TV was built sept of 1983
  • an old console record player/radio.
  • I have a circa-1950s Triplett Multimeter (used to measure electrical voltage, current, resistance, etc.). I'm pretty sure it belonged to my grandfather, who gave it to my father, and I took possession of it after my father passed away. It has outlasted every digital multimeter that my father and I have purchased to replace it (although my $4.99 multimeter from Harbor Freight Tools has not died yet...;-D...)
  • A 45 record player in a little box ( earlier 60's) and a Remington shaver for women in a blue plastic box filled with everything you can think of ( very old )and never used -- A wrought iron fan about 5 inches a round, and sit on a table ( Old ) and very heavy and powerful
  • an old phillips television a sony beta my atari 2600 but i doubt it works
  • A 1947 Philco Television, One of the first thousand made for sale when televisions came out. My Father purchased it new for the Tavern that opened after WWII.
  • not sure
  • Not strictly "electronics," I have a WWII era morse code key.
  • I think there is an old calculator sitting around here somewhere.
    • Roaring
      Do you remember the Texas Instruments SR-52? I had one for classes in Electronic Engineering. SR referring to"Slide Rule".
    • RadioLogic
      Pretty sure I did have that one too.
  • As best as I can remember it is an old 800 watt soldering iron. it must be 60 or 70 years old. It isn't really electronic though. I also have a SSB CB I purchased back in the mid 1970s. Also an electronic SLR camera also in the mid 1970s. I also have an 8mm movie camera that was battery operated from the 1960s.

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