• everyone's credit rating would go down.
  • The world as we know it would end!
  • Well, I'm there right now and all of my payments have went up thanks to late fees and interest.
  • The prime rate for credit cards would skyrocket, peoples' FICO scores would go down, and the stock prices of credit card companies and financial institutions would plummet.
  • The credit companies would have ALOT of paperwork!!...;)
  • Flash mob!)))
  • Sounds like a good Idea to me. Honestly there is nothing the credit card companies can do about it besides trash your rating. They really don't care about you, just your payment. It is really a way of indentured servatude. You have essentially enslaved yourself only mentally. Physically they can never send you to jail for not paying. There is no debtors prison. So go ahead and charge away. But first apply for as much as you can get. The credit cards just make up that money out of thin air anyway. Its unsecured on there end as well.
  • Nothing really. Credit companies would rack up more money in fees and interest, and everyone would be more screwed than they already are. Credit companies aren't relying on your steady influx of cash, the fact that you owe them is as good as money for all purposes. Your debt can be sold, traded, or invested. Pay your cards off, then cut them up, dude.
  • ding ding...old question.
  • their credit cards would be stopped and they would be inconvenienced.....
  • Anarchy, hopefully.
  • threats,liens[maybe]harassments daily.made to feel low-class. the loss of americas back. the middle class-workers,hard workers. the say NO to the assholes that use the system so real americans ,that speak english ,are citizins can afford not paying the debts of the government because they turned their backs for true americans. going to wars, killing their kids in faults amerika!! not the greedy fucking rich.

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