• (Linux, not Linus. Linus Torvalds is the person, Linux is the operating system [or more accurately, the kernel]). Here's a short, but recent list: In general: - Any external modem connected via a cable (RS-232 serial port) should work. - Most internal modems are "Winmodems" and actually require the Windows OS to work. Very few of these are supported by Linux. - External USB modems will not work, because they are actually also "Winmodems". Google for more info:
  • your best bet would be to use an external modem connection via serial cable but if you can get a hardware based internal modem it should be okay too
  • Since serial modems and ports have gone mostly by the wayside, there are still a few "controller" modems out there: US Robotics shows model 2980-OEM and 5610C. Both of these need a PCI slot (not PCI-E), itself going by the wayside. Multitech shows a model MT9234ZPX-PCIE. USB external modems are all "software" modems needing special drivers.

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