• Saint Boniface,the Apostle of the Germans, born Winfrid or Wynfrith at Crediton in Devon, England, was a missionary who propagated Christianity in the Frankish Empire during the 8th century. Early life Born at Crediton, Devon . He was of good family, and it was somewhat against his father's wishes that he devoted himself at an early age to the monastic life. He received his theological training in the Benedictine monasteries of Adescancastre, near Exeter and Nursling between Winchester and Southampton, under the abbot Winbert, taught in the abbey school and at the age of thirty became a priest. He wrote the first Latin grammar produced in England. First Mission to Frisia In 716 he set out on a missionary expedition to Frisia, intending to convert the Frisians by preaching to them in their own language, his own Anglo-Saxon language being similar to Frisian, but his efforts were frustrated by the war then being carried on between Charles Martel and Radbod, king of the Frisians. He returned to Nursling. For more information see here:

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