• It's the spice of life! I know it definetly is for me. I have to be changing almost constantly. My room, my hair, my "soulmate" is fun, and good. There's a WHOLE world out there!
  • I think so. I love having variety. It is like a buffet or a sit-down dinner. Everybody would love to eat the buffet because there is so much variety there, and you can try something new every time. Everybody also likes sit-down dinners, but if you order the same thing over and over again it can get boring.
  • Variety is the spice of life.
  • I don't think there is ever an excuse for being bored when there is so much variety available to us, so many books to read, so many types of music to explore, and so many good deeds to be done. I thin k we need variety because we a complex creatures with such marvelous potential. Boredom is an indicator that we are not doing, thinking, or becoming all we can be with that potential. It is that sense we have that we ought to be doing something at the moment. We can get bored by repetition, but we can also find ways to engage in repetitive work and keep our minds alive and active. This is a very big questions and we could discuss it for some time.
  • We are made in God's image. Just look around at all the variety in people and nature. It's because of God's generosity that we have different types, tastes and textures of food to eat. We have so many different types of birds, animals and plant life. We were made to live forever so we needed things to satisfy us. Who is bored? I am never bored, always have something to learn and research.
  • I don't think you can become bored if you look at things from all sides, in depth and from far away. We have amazing brains and an unending capacity to fill them with everything we see, hear, taste, feel, smell, experience in so many ways. We were meant to take all this in and feel the enjoyment that it gives us. Why else would God have created us with all these wonderful abilities and filled the earth with unbelievably incredible wonders. They don't just address our need to survive. They add to our lives, filling it with pure enjoyment and love. I will never get tired of seeing each sunset, in breathing in the aroma of one more flower, of tasting 'just another crisp apple'. Boredom? Never as long as I am alive and I can find my variety in everyday things, still.
  • Because they're fools. Better to stick with what you know and repeat. 😁
  • 12-24-2016 Consider the brush. Until recently there was only one kind of brush: a block of wood with plant fibers for bristles. Now brushes are all made in China with plastic chisels for bristles. The dealer offers thousands of versions, with some described as "natural finish" so you get tired of searching for what you really want and buy one of the Chinese abortions instead. They won't admit they don't have what you want, they just want to sell you what they have.

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