• According to, in 1996 she became a veterinarian. She also plays a veterinarian in her most recent roles, such as 1997's As Good As It Gets. She is also featured in a 2003 documentary called Child Stars: Then and Now.
  • I would also like to add that they did an updated version of "What's Happening?" called "What's Happening Now?" Here is the synopsis on IMDB: Plot Summary for "What's Happening Now!" (1985) This was an urban comedy following the lives of three black men. Raj is newly married and trying to write while his two buddies, Rerun and Dwayne are sharing a bachelor apartment. Rerun is working as a used car salesman while Dwayne is a computer programmer. This syndicated program was on the air between September 1985 and September 1988. It's also interesting to note that Regina King younger sister played Roger's adopted daughter on the sequel show.
  • Oh, you mean she isn't married to Russell Crowe?
  • photos and biography of danielle spencer
  • Dr. Danielle Spencer-Fields and her husband Garry live in California. Danielle is a veternarian now and has had walking problems at times but is doing well. Danielle makes many convention appearances and is very sweet.

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