• A savings account. You're gonna be broke when you need that money. However, if you wish to continue the mindless spending: - Free-flowing exhaust - Chrome exhaust tip (PLEASE NO RICER MUFFLERS - PLLEEEASSEEE) - Spoiler if not already equipped - Iridium or platinum spark plugs - New, professional spark plug wires - Superchips (Or similar) ECU modifier - Window tint 10-15% - Door decals in design or lettering as you wish - Low pro tires - Bigger wheels - Custom Locking lugs - New alternator - Low-dust brake pads
  • new headers, MSD Ignition and accessories, and maybe an exaust system. I suggest you go to for your decals.
  • I've got to wonder why you're spending so much extra money on your car. The tC is supposed to be a great vehicle for the money, but at the end of the day it's still an economy car. Wouldn't it make more sense not to buy all those silly extras and use the money you save to get a nicer car?

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