• Yes, I'm much more cautious now. I don't trust any of my co-workers.
  • I have been burnt many times by people who I thought I could trust...and that led to my favorite saying... "Love only those who deserve your love, Trust only those who trust you first, Hate only those you cannot forgive."
  • Yes, maybe once I confided on someone and later found out that person spread information around without any consideration for myself or my feelings. We're no longer friends. I took that as a separate incident but a cautionary tale nevertheless. I only confide very personal information to the people closest to me anyway.
  • Yes, I confided in one of my best friends something personal, and she told someone else. I still regret it. It did affect how I trust her.
  • I have confided in someone, and then regretted it. For me, it was someone close to me. It was just embarassing - to tell that one person something about you that you just had to tell, but didn't want anyone else to know - and have them spread that around and claim that it was "no big deal".. it stinks. We all want that one special person that we can confide our hopes and dreams too - or someone that we can confess our wrongdoings too and get bad feelings off our chest.
  • Yep, and it was a huge issue, and it definitely affected my later ability to trust coworkers. I now think of work and personal life as two completely seperate things, and coworkers are NOT friends.
  • Yes, I've told people things in confidence that had been broken. I try to be more selective on who I tell what information. It DEFINITELY affected my trust in people. I'm not very trusting.
  • Yes, and it made me very guarded and distrustful of others, in general.
  • Yes, I have. I think that's happened to most people. And no, I still stupidly believe people when they say, "I'll keep quiet."
  • Yes. I am known to be a little too open and trusting and it has backfired. I confided to a coworker who subsequently got promoted into mgmt and used info against me. I was deeply hurt and still have to see this person every day. I'm alot more selective with what I share these days.
  • Yes, I ascribed it to my own foolishness.
  • Yes, certainly. I don't think you can eliminate this risk in relationships... obviously we all live and learn, but to trust another person (which is required to have close friendships) always involves the risk that they will violate that trust -- everyone is human. So when that happens, I work on completing my own anger and hurt about it, learn what I can, and move on. The game requires opening up once more... the alternative is isolation inside protective walls which keep everyone out. Yech.
  • trust no one
  • Yes I suppose we all do at sometime in our lives, I rarely confide in people about my emotions or private life. In the past I have been hurt by a friend repeating something told in confidence, it makes me more hurt than angry. I suppose I have learned to keep my own counsel on most things. Maybe not the best way, but I have AB members in whom to confide.
  • I'm more cautious for sure now, learning from the past few relationships. However, I don't like living with regret, so I try to make all experiences something to learn from and think realistically. Sh!t happens, but it's how you deal with it that really makes the difference!
  • Yes that has happened to me before. But, I never held it against anyone else. It was just the person who betrayed me that I held it against. It hurt me terribly and I did not stay friends with the person. I just never trusted her again.
  • Many times by many people. And I don't talk to those bastards because of such things anymore :)
  • I once confided to someone about my best friends constant rantings of missing his GF. (I was tired of it) The ass....who I confided too then tells my Best friend!!! He is'nt my best friend anymore. I will always regret that.
  • Yes. I didn't realize that by sharing with them that it would return to me as a public service announcement. It was a very long time before I shared with anyone again. To this day I'm still chided for being "vague and evasive".
  • Yes. I never do now.
  • I've regretted confiding in my mother -- these days I am a lot more cautious about what I say.. and leave out anything I don't want the entire neighborhood to know..
  • Yes, and it did affect my ability to trust..for awhile..then..did it again and I decided..not to regret it, it wasnt me that broke the trust, and I would have and did do it over and over because I am always me like it or not :)

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