• Yes....but mostly because of my training in the SF....havent done it privately or just for the heck of it...;)
  • Yes , Cairns and the Red Sea have been the most enjoyable.
  • I'm a certified rescue diver. I think the two best dives were my certification dive because of the pristine conditions and seeing a large nurse shark and my first night dive, which is a totally different experience.
  • Yes! I took home schooling for highschool and scuba diving was one of the things I did to get my P.E. grade, and I've loved it ever since. My favorite was playing pass with a "sea cucumber"
  • All of it. I dive for a living and enjoy my office.
  • Every dive is special and holds it's own incredible moment, but for me, several experiences stand out. Seeing a lion fish and giant clams in Fiji was awesome. Being circled by a huge school of barracuda in Cozumel. Interacting with 'Wally', the hump-headed Maori wrasse in Cairns. Seeing two octopus rush each other and wrestle on the ocean floor (fighting or mating?) on a night dive in Cancun. Seeing seahorses in Bonaire. My favorite sea critters are spotted eels. Love 'em!
  • Yes. Diving for spiney lobsters in the florida keys was the most fun. We also visited some beautiful reefs there having lots of fish, etc. We also dive in some of the Texas rivers where people swim and float a lot and we have found a lot of lost items: sun glasses (most by far), masks, money, jewelry, credit cards, licenses, keys, ... It is great fun. Recently I bought a 30 ft. Hooka Hose so we float the tanks in a raft - it works great. I also use it to clean my swimming pool:-)
  • working on Dive Master and helping students learn how to dive. It is amazing watching them go from the flailing mass of limbs, hoses and air bubbles to the streamlined diver, effortlessly flying beneath the liquid sky.
  • I just celebrated my tenth year of diving and fifth year as an instructor. One of the best things I've seen is the bioluminescence on a night dive. It's pretty amazing. I've been diving in many places but my favorite has always been Roatan, Honduras. It's a gorgeous reef and a gorgeous island.
  • No but it is something I would love to try
  • I haven't done it in a long time, but it's a lot of fun. It does contain an element of risk, but as long as you're smart about it, the risk is minimal and well worth the enjoyment.

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