• Try to meet some gay people and if you can make friends with them. You'll find they're just as varied in personality as us straight people and there isn't any universal difference between us other than sexual orientation.
  • Homophobia is 20 and 21 century phobias. The church has pushed homophobia for over 100 years yet the Bible in no place is there one word against adult consensual homosexuality neither male or female. All references in the Bible related to homosexuality relate to either homosexual acts in pagan or cult worship or to pederasty. To be homophobe is buying into modern day Biblical lies. I am not homosexual but I have studied the act in accordance with Biblical studies.
  • Stay away from the homos.
    • Thinker
      Why do you fear homosexuals? Are you afraid you will catch something from someone who is one. You are required to "Love your neightbour as yourself" God made no distinction He said to love ALL.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Ummm, I'm not afraid of homosexuals. I was answering a question that was posted. And God has nothing to do with it.

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