• Iraq would be my first thought. But basically anywhere where torture was still permitted and that citizens had no rights.
  • Most places in the Middle East. Nothing against the many good people there, I just have heard from enough people who have been there, it's just not that safe of a place.
  • I think China would scare me the most. It seems so foreign to me. I don't know why. I guess I just feel that A LOT more goes on in China than we are aware of. I could disappear there and never even be reported as having ever been there.
  • Turkey. If the drug laws are as tough as "they" say, I am sure other infractions of the law would be dealt with just as strictly.
  • I dont think I'd care much to be detained in Antartica, all by my lonesome.
  • North Korea. I'm never getting involved with any company, figure, or government body in North Korea, so being delayed there would have me more than a little scared.
  • Iraq or Iran, either doesn't sound very pleasing.
  • I'd hate to be at either pole. Brrr
  • Mexico, or just about any nation South of there. Between the widespread corruption in law enforcement, the poverty, gangs and violent crime, and the fact that most Central/South American governments make next to no effort to protect foreign travellers within their boarders (Ah, hypocrisy), that whole part of the world strikes me as an *Extremely* bad place to be trapped and alone.
  • Darfur, Africa. The genocide crisis.
  • Tibet. It is controlled by Communist China.
  • Thailand. The factual movie about the woman busted for smuggling dope (although unknowingly) was pretty scary. The jails are horrible and the legal system is pure feudal, if the movie was accurate. I wouldn't ever smuggle dope, but neither was she, knowingly. She suffered greatly for being an unwitting mule.
  • Phillipines. The muslims hate white folks.
  • Wouldn't want to land in Russia, nor any area is south America. Why? Russia is currently going through some rather troubling times, I wouldn't want to be an american anywhere near there, and south america? I have no idea how their law systems work and I don't know how to speak anything but english.

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