• Bill Bailey, apparently.
  • I wasn't born yet in 1943 & I never heard of Bill Brown. I don't have Facebook, so I jumped on to Youtube to see Bill do his thing. He did a lot of tap & yes before he was finished, he did a somewhat unpolished version of the Moonwalk. As far as I can remember, Michael Jackson did the original of what we know of today. YT had a video of him explaining how it evolved with him & he didn't mention Bill Brown, but did credit James Brown & Fred Astaire for dancing with a graceful gliding style which became his inspiration. Then while performing one night he accidentally did the Moonwalk for the first time & he started perfecting it for future performances. So, in my mind, Michael Jackson did the original Moonwalk
  • Buzz Lightyear
  • Michael Jackson made it popular.

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