• If I had the power to fix a problem in the world, it would be homes for everyone so as there would be no homelessness. A lot of problems in this world is created by people. They have their own problems to sort out and deal with. It’s up to the individual to fix their own problems and to stop spreading those problems on to others. Unfortunately in the real world, people in general spread their problems around the place without realising it making the Earth and others to suffer. 😔
  • The lack of equal opportunity. And I mean: with regard to external things, not with regard to innate things. (It would be bad if everyone were the same, with exactly the same abilities and proclivities and so-on.) Note that the following is definitely over-simplified and ignores many valid extenuating circumstances...If everyone had an equal opportunity to survive, to improve, to succeed, and to excel, then those who "fail" would (rightly) have only themselves to blame, and those who excelled in worthy endeavors (e.g. not crime) would (rightly) be praised for achieving what others - with the very same opportunities - failed to achieve. *** Imagine everyone having the same access to the same education; the same access to the same healthcare; the same access to the same quality of food and clothing and shelter and transportation, all of the external things that provide opportunities for people to improve themselves. What would be left to motivate people? All of the things that are not opportunity-making. Luxuries, for example. A second house. A fancy car (as opposed to a very serviceable car). Vacations in exotic places. Indulging in studies or in entertainment that are not expected to be productive. Etc.
  • People need to be, generally, much less stupid (self included).
  • Exposing lies that start wars, and emphasizing the truth that may prevent them.

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