• I spend time with the 3 family dogs and go for walks to the beach and the woods. When I am at the beach, I sit down on the sand as I grab a handful of it as the sand slips between my fingers and I gaze out at the ocean. When I am in the woods on a nice day, I would sit down on the bench and listen to the birds and keep an eye out on the squirrels going up and down the trees. Connecting with nature is important since we are a part of the Earth rather than have the mind on cloud nine. It’s better to be realistic and in tune with the natural world. Many people fail with that who have their heads stuck in their gadgets and staring at a screen for hours. They should do something with their life and be in tune with nature in their own way if they can do that. That’s not to say I’m telling them what to do but rather as a suggestion.

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