• Basically: to teach people enough so that they can contribute more to society and (if they wish) even advance society, and also to teach people enough to take better care of themselves. * It is, in other words, on a basic level, for the sake of the health and welfare of society as a whole.
  • It depends which phase and what sort of education, but it's all universally about preparedness. Primary school prepares students with the reading, writing, and critical questioning skills to be ready for secondary school. Secondary school prepares students for employment, for adult responsibilities in general, and/or for higher education. Trade school prepares students for work in a skilled trade. Bachelor's school prepares students for a white-collar profession or for higher academia. Master's school provides students with the skill to become professionals in high tech industries or toward doctoral expertise. Doctoral school prepares students to become world-class experts in a subject with cutting-edge knowledge.
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      Thanks for sharing! In a Life and Society subject, it is certainly not religious or political education, but education that is designed to develop learners’ general knowledge, skills, competencies, literacy, and often to prepare students for more advanced educational programmes. You did nail the question.
  • To go beyond the knowledge of themselves and incorporate new knowledge into practice.

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