• Two places on earth where water flows uphill. Dec. 01 2023
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      What are they?
    • Moving Violation
      One is in Marblehead Ohio, google it, I forgot where the other one is. I have been to the one in Marblehead Ohio and it is real you get a real funning feeling when you go in there! It is no joke it is real! Weird it is just a small room you can see on utube. Dec. 01 2023
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      I can't find it anywhere on Google. How do I know you haven't made it up?
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      @Moving Violation: Are you talking about "mystery hill?" There are thousands of the tourist traps all over the USA. They just tilt the building either deliberately or on accident from a poor foundation. When water seems to flow uphill, water is actually flowing downhill, but the floor isn't level, so it looks weird on camera. If you go in person, unless you have vertigo or something, it is obviously a scam. Now, I've never been to mystery hill, but I've been to a few identical places and that was the case with those, and the claims and veracity of the claims are identical. It's just a dumb way to get attention and make a few bucks off of gullible people and school field trip groups.
    • Moving Violation
      This place is: Mystery Hill 8237 E. Harbor RD. Marblehead Oh. Google Mystery Hill Marblehead Oh. scroll to video must watch full video this is no illusion I have been there and it is NOT a hoax! Tell me what you think after you watch video. This is not a scam!
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      1. You didn't post a video. 2. There are tons of places exactly like that one, some of which are even called "Mystery Hill" in various states all around the USA. These places all make use of the same trick. The building is tilted, so water appears to flow upward, balls appear to roll up instead of down, etc. It looks great in videos, and, if it's done well enough, the tilt is slight enough that you might not notice it in person. But if you think about this thoroughly enough, it should be fairly obvious how everything works. Try to think of any way at all that you could tell which way is up and which way is down that are independent of the architecture of the building. Go to any of these places, and I guarantee any logically sound test will result in measurements that are 180 degrees apart.
  • The shortest distance between two lines is a smaller dot.
  • There is a place where one can float between Iceland and Greenland. IOW One can be in within arms reach of North America and Europe.
  • Slapping something generates heat. Theoretically, you can cook a chicken by slapping it tens or hundreds of thousands of times. That's not the weird part, though, this is: someone named Louis Weisz actually verified this experimentally. But the weirdest physics phenomena is possibly the Casimir Effect. If you place two unmagnetized and uncharged metal plates very near each other in a perfect vacuum, they will attract toward each other. The mechanism by which this occurs is a combinations of two already bizarre physics phenomena: the quantization of electric fields and virtual particle pairs. This has been observed with plates large enough to hold in the palm of your hand with forces strong enough to be felt with no uncertainty. This effect is very well documented going back to before our understanding of quantum mechanics, as we knew that some metals would permanently weld themselves together in a vacuum without application of heat. It also has a lot of implications for physics that are not at all well understood as of 2024, such as the Unruh radiation paradox.
  • The gas tank filler cap is on the opposite side of the muffler.

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