• Nope, I will return a wallet if I found one
  • No. Unless it's something of negligible value (like a dime), if I find something worth taking I will try to find the owner.
  • Depends what it is.
  • No, if cash then there is no way to return it, however a wallet or purse should be returned, I found a bracelet which wasn't particularly expensive, but since I know jewelry can be sentimental to the owner I would give it to the police, mobile phone I'd also give to the police.
  • If it has my name carved on it, then no.
  • If it’s valuable property, I would give it to the police. If it’s something like money lying on the ground and it’s just me with no one else around, I would keep it. If there was a suitcase with money in it and there is nobody around me, I would give it to the police. Finders keepers is not always the case because it depends on what it is you find. If you see a mobile phone lying around somewhere in which someone dropped it, it is the moral thing to give it to the police. If it’s something small like loose money on the ground when there is nobody there except you, that’s your chance to claim it. If it’s someone’s wallet that I see, I would give it to the police. It all depends on what it is.
  • There is such a thing as "Theft by Finding" in the UK so finding & keeping can be a criminal offence.

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