• this website agrees she was telling the trueth. As much as I wanted to say shes a lair she is a politican so she probably is. I was thinking about driving to Ayers rock it can be seen from at least 50K's away. If her yard is half way up a mountian she may not be lying. I've never been to Alsaka so Ill have to wait with you until someone can answer this properly.
  • To be 100% clear, that quote was from Tina Fey parodying Sarah Palin. The actual quote she was paraphrasing was untrue, but somewhat less ridiculous than the SNL sketch. I'd have to track down the actual quote to break it down, which I don't really feel like putting in the 10 minutes of effort to do when maybe a more accurate paraphrase would suffice. It was something to the effect of her claiming that being the governor of Alaska, which borders Russia (technically, if you count the ocean), gives her more diplomatic experience than Obama (or maybe it was HRC at the time of the interview). When pressed about the meaningfulness of Alaska's border with Russia, she doubled down and said something about how you could see part of Russia from part of Alaska (which is also technically true, but meaningless, since both parts where this is geographically true are uninhabited and extremely remote). So, although it's not a totally false lie, it is the perfect example of how politicians take something that is technically true, blend it with other technically true facts and one technically false lie, and try to spin it into something they think the public will buy into. In Palin's case, it didn't work, and she was lambasted by the media (thus the SNL sketch you quoted). Almost exactly the same thing happened to Al Gore when he boasted in an interview about how he was involved in the congressional legislation that subsidized the creation of the internet and it was paraphrased out of context as him saying that he "invented" the internet (his actual quote never used the word "invented," though).

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