• According to online sources, 250,000 of the people who died of covid were of working age. At least twice that number of people went from having covid straight to forced retirement due to disabilities caused by persistent long covid. From my own viewpoint, you can add to that retirement-age people who decided to stop working- I and several other people where I worked did that. Add to that people whose workplaces were closed and they decided to become self-employed. A good example of that is Youtube content creation; there are people on there who do work for people for free- they don't have to charge their "customers" anything because that type of channel is popular and they make a living from Youtube. They say that covid is directly responsible for at least 500,000 people being permanently out of the labor force but I would bet that in light of the other indirect things I mentioned it's probably more like a million.
  • Anyone that could retire did. Where all the older doctors went. They couldn't stand what was happening so they went.

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