• No, I don't. I don't think Biden is nearly as popular as Clinton was his first time around. I think Clinton was popular because he was young and [comparatively] good looking. I think he reminded people of Kennedy. Biden is nothing like that! They're gonna look like those two old guy puppets arguing till they get blue in the face.
    • DancesWithWolves
      Thanks, Linda, for your comment :)
  • No, I estimate that the race will be between Biden and an unknown (at this point). NOTE: I think that Linda Joy is confused by which Clinton that you were referring to,.
    • notyouraveragedummy
      Another NOTE: "Do you think an Presidential Election..." should be, "Do you think a Presidential Election...".
    • Linda Joy
      I told him he had a typo so he could change it and people wouldn't make fun, but after he commented on my answer I edited that part out. He either doesn't care or doesn't know how to edit. And yes, I thought he meant Bill. Which is the reason people need to be more specific in their questions and maybe post a link so we know what they are talking about. Some of us avoid the news to avoid the biased reporting, only reporting bad news, and diversion/alarmist tactics and some of us have gaps in our learning and brains that are not normal. Thanks for your clarification.
    • notyouraveragedummy
  • I only know Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. If there was direct voting she;d be the president 2016. Get rid of the electoral college!!! If trump repeats losing the popular vote Biden will win.if the electoral college is gone.
    • DancesWithWolves
      Thanks, for your comment :)

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