• Yes. I shout “there’s a rat” or I say to someone “your shoelaces are open”. After the person’s reaction I say “April fools!” It’s verbal pranks I’m good at rather than physical pranks.
  • I usually do something with Milk Duds.
  • In 1957, on April 1st, the BBC news & current affairs programme "Panorama" broadcast a report on the Swiss spaghetti harvests. About 8 million people watched & many believed it.
    • Professor Yaffle
  • a couple of years ago I was looking at where I used to live on google maps with my cousen alfie he noticed a white ute out the front of a brothel around the corner thanks to googles bluring it looked like my ute. in the december 2009 picture. I ve there in 2009 as did Alfie and his brother Leo. Leo married his wife new years day 2010. April fools day we go to leos house we rarely visit him his wife asks if I brought a new ute Aflie answers on my behalf leaving out the fact I didn't buy the ute until 2017 no hes had it since it was new continuing with me him and Leo are on google maps in it and shows her the picture saying theres the ute someone blurred us out.

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