• As long as I've seen you on here I never knew you were a woman! I believe a woman has many options available to her for birth control and has no reason to have to murder her own child! I feel so sorry for those that do. I had a roommate in the Navy who held a friend in her arms after her abortion as she wept uncontrolably knowing she had killed not only one but two children at the time. Depression is a serious side effect of such a murderous act. And that poor baby didn't do a single thing wrong for it to be slaughtered! The parents should be punished, not the poor defenseless baby! Nothing personal, just my opinion. EVERY woman should decide what to do with her body BEFORE she has sex. Sex is for RESPONSIBLE ADULTS. Not children and selfish irresponsible murderers.
  • Any adult who is mentally capable should have the right to do what they want with their own body (with exceptions such as dire harm)...but not the right to do what they want with anyone else's body, especially if what they want to do is bodily harm. * Or, to put it in more clear terms: You're right to throw a punch ends where the other person's nose begins. * And: preventing one person from doing bodily harm to another should not be your decision or my decision. The law should prevent that. The prevention of bodily harm to others should be ensconced in law. * So: should you have the right to do bodily harm to your child? I don't mean pain or safe punishment, I mean bodily harm that threatens the health of your child. If you don't think you should have that right, then why is there any argument?
  • I think we should all have autonomy over our own bodies. Govt however, often seems to think that is too much autonomy. I can't see why I would make any decisions regarding your body. Some things are illegal though. Should your autonomy allow smoking meth or crack or opium, or even tobacco? Should you or I be allowed to drink too much liquor and get in a car and drive 75mph thru a school zone? Your question is too open and ambiguous. I think you are really only asking about procreation. 3/26.23
  • Women have a right to decide what to do with their body but if a woman does not want her baby, she should give the baby to an adoption centre and not to kill them. Some women who abort their baby have anger issues. Other than that, women have the right to decide what they want to do with their body but they will need help if they harm their own body.
  • Yes, a woman has the right to do with HER body as she wishes except for if she is pregnant. The child inside her womb has a different DNA and, in most cases, a different blood type therefore is not part of the woman's body. If she does anything to forcefully terminate the life of the child in her womb including suicide it is murder by any known definition.
  • I think everyone should check with me first, before making any decision, but I am not about to do anything to enforce that.

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