• I would pay $100 to lose 100 pounds!
    • Linda Joy
      I'll take that $100 and tie you to your bed. Wait, you'd have to be 100lbs overweight to begin with, but we could do it!
    • Linda Joy
      Otherwise I'd have to tie you up until you lost 20 then buy you McDonalds until you gained it back and then tie you up for another 20 and repeat until you lost 100! I've probably lost 1000 lbs, but they keep finding my butt again!
    • notyouraveragedummy
      That sounds exhausting. That's pretty much my experience. Actually, I'm about 60 lbs. overweight. So I would need those burgers (if I survived being 40 lbs. underweight). I do know that I won't be losing that extra weight. After my heart attack in 2018, I was on a strict diet for 3 1/2 years keeping track of all nutrients consumed daily. One thing I learned from that is that I only loose weight when consuming less that 1500 calories a day. I no longer track my consumption but I learned a lot about wiser choices in food.
    • notyouraveragedummy
      Boy, this is way off the subject of the question.
  • I don't use credit cards. But I usually keep more than 100 extra in savings. Last month I paid a couple of bills a month early. This is best for me any time I get any extra money. I don't hardly ever blow money so I usually have some on hand. Still I'm on a limited income due to health issues so every penny counts.
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      Are you aware that Democrats are the social welfare party?

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