• By "waiving your Constitutional rights", don't you mean your "Miranda rights"? The Miranda rights are the ones that say "you have the right to remain silent...". However, the answer to your question is "no, they don't use pleasantries to get you to say anything against yourself". Miranda rights are only involved when you commit a crime - usually a felony although some misdemeanors may require them as well. And by law, they must inform you of your Miranda rights before they question you. In cases where Miranda rights are required, anything you say before you're read your rights can't be held against you unless you say the same thing after your rights were read to you. Since some laws don't require Miranda rights, what you say can be held against you anyway. Truth is the best policy in any situation.
  • It depends. I guess you never know unless you find out, in which case, I would guess the latter.
  • Each situation is different. I had a police officer apologize for having to lock me up.
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      Why did he?
  • I try to speak politely to them so they will go away quickly. They aren't your freinds . I have personal issues with that uniform old wounds take a long time to heal if ever. When I was 12 a cop beat the shit out me to make me confess to something I had nothing to do with and knew nothing about. To this day I tell them to go away I want nothing from you.
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      Due process is a wonderful thing. Consider relocating to America.
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      Tell us more Stevo. I am interested.

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