• "I strongly believe" - you're accusing the parents without proof. The case is being investigated. If they're complicit in any way, then they will be identified. They have a right to their privacy until then.
    • anonymous
      The police revealed that he was found in the area he was living in so if his family didn't do anything why was he not identified for so long since he lived in the area where he was found dead his family should have recongized his face from the photos but no one responded the boy wasn't decomposed he was fully recognizable by face so if his family didn't have anything to do why did they not say it was their child?
    • Army Veteran
      Whether or not they identified him has nothing to do with their right to privacy while there's still an ongoing investigation. Instead of asking the armchair lawyers on AB why the parents haven't been identified, why not ask the law enforcement agency that is handling the investigation?
  • They deserve their privacy. Those committing crimes trying to be infamous are the ones that deserve nothing more than a ? and unidentified subject instead of the fame they craved.
  • I think that it's NOT obvious. There have been many lives ruined or people murdered by false assumptions. That's why evidence (not assumptions) is so important. I watch/read many true crime stories. Just before I opened my computer this AM, I was watching the story of the murder of Lisa Stukey (Idaho Falls, ID). The young man who plead guilty to her murder, said he did it because she had estranged his grandfather from his family and had him leave his estate to her. His parents were struggling financially and she had deprived them of their inheritance. It wasn't true, grandfather had left his estate to someone out of state. This is just one dozens of such stories I've read about or seen over the years.
  • Most murderers knew their victims.
  • I don't understand how putting him up for adoption led to his murder. Seems to me his mother thought she couldn' t raise him. Most likely she was unwed. Baby out of marriage was a real stigma in the 50s. She either recognized him but didn't want people to know she was his mom. Or years later she didn't recognize. That's my 2 cents here.

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