• IMO they should have done so from the get-go, and in fact several Rep higher ups DID do so. wasn't enough to prevent Trump from winning the primary. Reps up for election in 2024 are probably looking at that SAME THING NOW. "Will Trump win the common registered Republican voter, especially in my district or state? If so, I need to jump on his bandwagon, and sooner would be better. If NOT, then I should refrain from supporting Trump in public speeches, and I should start doing that NOW." Either way it's a gamble.
  • "PAUL RYAN"? Is that your hero of the week? You've got to be kidding. Do you know why he isn't Speaker of the House still? It's because the other Republicans voted him out. If he was as "good" as you're drooling about, why would he have gotten voted out by his own Party? It was because, like Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Graham, and a few others, he was a RINO - which explains your attraction to him to make your point. You would never use an opposing political figure to make your point if you and he weren't on the same page.
  • They should be grooming another viable candidate.
  • Many have distanced themselves from DT.
  • Many have started to speak out against DT.

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