• They usually don't extradite for such a petty amount, but the issue still follows you around and stays on your record which is accessible by every law enforcement agency in the country. If you ever feel like you're being mistreated or judged harshly during a traffic stop, you can think back on this and wonder no more. My advice would be to pay it and get it behind you. It might still be on your record for a while, but eventually, it will drop off and no one will be any the wiser.
  • A judge usually issues a bench warrant if you let it go too long. 11/13/22
  • They will issue a warrant for your arrest. If they pull you over they can put you in jail. That happened to me when I couldn't get to my court date once.
  • They will issue a warrant for your arrest. They may not come to your house to arrest you but don't get stopped for a traffic violation. You'll go straight to jail.

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