• Sure. Murder is illegal killing. You can legally kill a dandelion, or an ant, or a mouse. You can also legally kill a human being in certain circumstances. For some examples: during a legal execution or in legally-justifiable self-defense, and you can kill an enemy combatant during wartime. *** It's interesting how the typical person INTERPRETS the classic translation of the commandment "Thou shalt not kill." If we interpret it strictly literally while ignoring context, then it's "Thou shalt not kill [anything]." Most people interpret it, "Thou shalt not kill [people, except when you think it's OK]". But if we read the rest of the document, we find that the author goes into great detail concerning what the commandment means, when it is and is not legal to kill, and what and whom it is legal to kill, and under what circumstances.
  • Killing is the act of murder. Unfortunately in this messed up world, there is loads of killings going on. There is so much violence and death that it’s heartbreaking and depressing to hear and horrible to see it. There is something wrong with those people with no respect for life and that’s their problem. Murder is usually intentional and some people say it can be self defence in certain situations but there is always a way for a person to defend themselves without killing the other person otherwise they will live with guilt eventually.

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