• Germany. (Note: I never understood why Denmark was included in the Scandinavian countries since it's not located on the Scandinavian Peninsula).
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      Denmark, ages ago, was part of the same Kingdom that ruled over Sweden and Norway. The cultural and linguistic echoes of that are still strong today. Culturally, Denmark is much closer to Norway and Sweden than it is to any other nation. And since about half of Denmark's population lives on islands, and those islands are more geographically linked with Sweden than they are with the rest of Europe, it all makes sense.
    • Linda Joy
      Haha, I didn't look till just now and the card says West Germany!!!
  • Germany, of course. Something smells fishy about the question, though, why do you ask?
    • Linda Joy
      Because there are almost no new questions and after already asking 3000 I'm using Trivial Pursuit so we can at least have new questions! If the smart people on this site would ask at least one a day we'd have plenty! But apparently the smart people on this site think they already know it all so they don't ask questions, which is what makes this site work!! And as I told bible guy the answer on the card is West Germany!! Oh well, I only paid 99 cents for the game at the thrift store. I've already gotten my money's worth out of it. Hope you enjoy the questions. If not ask your own!! I did see two new ones from you this morning before I left.

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