• If you use starting fluid, will it start? If so, then you have a fuel problem. Detroits are pretty picky about getting air into the fuel, so you will need to do a thorough search over the entire fuel system to ensure that there are absolutely no holes allowing air in. Check the anti-drainback valve, the fuel filter seal, the tank switching valves (if applicable), and the fuel lines and fittings for signs of wear. Even a very small hole can cause problems, so look very carefully, I can't stress that enough. You have probably already tried this, but make sure the fuel filter isn't plugged. Remember that the new ULSD (as well as bio-diesel) is more detergent than the old stuff and will plug up filters more quickly. If you've had any recent work done, or had symptoms leading up to this no-start condition, they might be helpful in diagnosing the problem. Good luck!

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