• FANTASY (written by me) Wake up Dorothy/ The Matrix is in your head /See reality /Don’t get brainwashed by what’s said /They are like zombies who will take over your mind to make you believe that E.T was left behind /Only a movie, you can escape frame of mind /Outside, you will see a world that is not cloud nine /So get into shape where there are no unicorns /You’ll just have to wait so treat yourself to popcorn /Get out of that screen /Bigger things are going on outside of your dream /After night time will be dawn /What way do you shift as in your sleeping pattern? /Sometimes we will drift subconsciously /Make a turn like a wheel spinning /In a carousel of thoughts, you see stars moving /To think there are astronauts in space is the same to say superman exists /Earthlings are like grains that grow in time so dismiss any silliness depending on how you think /Use the consciousness /A world of your own will sink and eventually, you will come to terms /Things are meant to be /Earth is the place where you learn.
  • (The last verse of a song I wrote called "Heroes and Dreams" many years ago): "You grew up believing that dreams were deceiving and happiness couldn't be found in an old box of memories that once held you near me; you gave up your need to have heroes around, but the moments we treasured as children together will always be with you, my friend, and through the whispering echoes of dragons and heroes, we'll ride off together again."
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      Is the reason you changed your name from "1465" to "Army Veteran" because you wanted to be respected more, or hated less?
    • Army Veteran
      Say "Hello" to Peter Pan the next time you visit Neverland. Reality doesn't seem to be your forté.
  • I write poetry too, No Idea how good. Here's one. "March Madness" The crowd 's eyes dart back and forth like ping pong balls being banged by paddles as they watch the quick moves of their favorite team. the players move to constantly do two things.. play and block They play defensively and offensively A spirt of comoderodity and competition with nerves as steady as a rock. Looking forward to being in the Hall of Fame. that invokes a sense of pride in each other's team that energizes them drive them to play their best The occasional but beautiful flash of insight at the evening's march madness basket ball game.
  • Birdy, birdy in the sky. Dropped some whitewash in my eye. Gee, I'm glad cows can't fly.
    • notyouraveragedummy
      You didn't write that. We used to recite that one while in grade school!
  • 1) There once was a girl from Tri-Cities 2)Who was said to have nuclear titties 3)Until the WPPSS system defaulted 4)And all production was halted 5) And now her Twin Peaks were exposed as itsy-Bitsies. I wrote this in c1778-81. It refers to the default of the WPSS or Washington Public Supply system. It built a nuclear power plant in Washington State which didn't need nuclear power because it already had the Grand Coulee Dam. Cost overruns ($24B) and the personal arrogance of Gov. Dixie Lee Ray (who drove an oil tanker into Elliot Bay, and said she wasn't a feminist after Gloria Steinem endorsed her) caused the WPSS to be shut down. The plant was never completed but the nuclear core still needs to be cared for. As a result Washington now has some of the highest power bills in the USA. It used to have the cheapest😈 Twin Peaks refers to the Series that was filmed in Washington State.
  • Roses are red * Violets are blue * Maybe on some other planet * where violet things look blue
  • An old silent pond A frog jumps into the pond— Splash! Silence again.
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      I wrote that in Kindergarten. lol
  • Simple moon, June, soon poems
  • Here's a sample of something I've written: It's something simple you're soon forgettin', Which is fine by me, hope you think so too, 'Cause I've got some chores I'm needin' to do. If that's not OK, then some other day Maybe I'll have somethin' better to say.

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