• The Maker of the universe As man to man was made a curse; The claims of law which He had made Unto the uttermost He paid. His holy fingers made the bough That grew the thorns that pierced His brow; The nails that pierced His hands were mined In secret places He designed. He made the forest whence there sprung The tree on which His body hung; He died upon a cross of wood, Yet made the hill on which it stood. The throne on which He now appears Was His from everlasting years - But a new crown adorns His brow, And every knee to Him shall bow.
    • Boola Boo
  • Truest Love: My truest love Is Jesus In Heaven I want to be The leaves That heal The Nations The crystal Clear water That refreshes The soul The rolling Gold That reminds Everyone That Jesus Alone is worthy In Heaven I want to be His Creation
  • no, i dont write poetry
    • Wakko
      One would hardly guess with your vast vocabulary. :P
  • Lei gwai pei hai ho mei! Hai m'hai hei?
    • Pei Chia-Li
      I have had several poems published in collections.
  • Before The Beginning, After The End, and All Time In Between......................................There Is Love!

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