• Well...what do you mean by "fully maintained"? I envision several possibilities. (A) You are responsible for routine checks like oil and - similarly - tire pressure, and also other engine fluids. You are responsible for maintaining the car with regard to these routine items. (B) The car is really fully-maintained by the company. When you drive it to work, every day, someone there (during the day) checks the oil, tire pressure, etc. and takes corrective action when necessary. (C) The company reimburses you for any and all maintenance, even the slightest maintenance. You bring the car to a full-serve station every day and get receipts for any cost for any work done to the car, such as any cost associated with someone else checking/filling tires and engine fluids. You turn these receipts in to the company and they reimburse you.
    • 11stevo73
      they pay for all maintance and fuel the pos uses more oil than fuel. Its this check the oil every time I fill it up that is pissing me off.
    • 11stevo73
      the event took place a few years ago I ended up getting the arse over seizieing the engine due to no oil on a car with approx 20K km's.
  • What does the contract say? IMO anyone who drives a car should check the oil as well as fuel and water and know how to change a tire and know where the jack and spare are at the least. I don't know what your contract says so I don't know if you are supposed to take it in to have the oil checked, but you certainly shouldn't run out. If its fully maintained you should find out what that covers. And if its blowing oil you should tell your mechanic. Replacing a gasket is much cheaper than a seized engine.

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