• ??? That's true in puppet-like shows, but most kid's shows show feet.
  • lots of cartoons show feet open your eyes, take those blinkers off. Feel free to point out I haven't watch many cartoons made in the last 20 years and maybe feet have been banned from cartoons? Have they and I not noticed ? Bet ya 10 bucks they still show feet.
      Nah, not in the last 20 years. Not in the last 5 years. You called it right... Maybe he means: live shows for children with child actors, in which case I'd guess that they still do on occasion show the feet (for example: in any episode that involves swimming...) But of course normally you don't have kids in high school or whatever running around barefoot...
  • I'm more curious to know why Donald Duck who wears no pants feels the need to put a towel around his waist when he gets out of the shower...
      I've been watching all the classic Donald Duck cartoon shorts. I've made it all the way into the 50s (still lots to go, I think). Several times Donald is disrobed in public by one catastrophic event or another, and he's always extremely embarrassed and attempts to cover his waist area by whatever means are available. It's not meant to "make sense in the Donald Duck universe". It's meant to create an emotional connection with the audience, most of whom - at least in that day and age - would have been similarly embarrassed and would have acted similarly, and so we humans empathically see humor in the embarrassment.

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