• It doesn't make me feel anything. Everyone has to eat.
  • There is nothing wrong with obese people eating in restaurants. They have to eat the same as everyone else so leave them be
    • Linda Joy
      What do you mean leave them be? I don't even go to restaurants! I just asked how others feel about it.
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      When I say leave them be I mean as in they should be left alone to eat rather then get a hard time from anyone who has a problem with obese people eating at restaurants. I’m not saying that you have a problem with them. I refer to anyone else who might have a problem.
  • I wonder how many Diet Cokes they're swigging down in their vain attempt to lose weight.
    • Linda Joy
      I lost weight eating a snickers and diet coke every day for lunch.
  • I don't feel anything at all. Should they not be allowed in or something?
    • Linda Joy
      Is that what I said? Because everyone seems to be taking offence at me asking them how they feel. I just wanted some honest answers, that's all.
    • dalcocono
      No, you didn't say that, but that seemed to be the implication to me. Why would anybody care if fat people sat down to eat at a restaurant? There are LOTS of fat people in the world, and they all still need to eat.
  • As a former Weight Watchers Lecturer, I wish I could help them to regain their health.
  • I feel great. I am obese too and like to eat with people same like me. I also think the food must be delicious to attract people to eat.
  • They are unhealthy and are probably diabetic.

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