• I'd leave. Once you let people know they can undervalue you and you'll accept it, you've created an irreversible precedent. They'll devalue you again -- through lower wages, less flexibility, less respect -- because you've shown them they can.
  • i would leave the job.
  • I would and have left a job that wanted to do that to me.
  • Get the pay cut and start looking for another job. When you find something better say goodbye, but definetely leave the company when it's convenient for you.
  • I would bounce. I mean taking a pay cut and a demotion is pretty much like giving someone free license to walk all over you.
  • I would resign.
  • i would get fired so I can collect unemployement for 6 months while working an off the book job that at anytime I could work at?
  • I'd quit, I'm not taking a pay cut or a demotion.
  • I am in that situation right now, I am taking a pay cut but I will leaving at the end of December. I will tell them at the end of October. So they can find someone to take all of my jobs! I have dedicated half of my life to the school for 27 years and let them find someone who would want 3 full time jobs that I do myself!
  • I would get the pay cut and look for a new job while my pay was cut. The minute I found my new job, bam I'm out faster than they can say "good bye".
  • Fired for one reason: Unemployment. Use the unemployment pay while getting another job. The unemployment may match what the pay cut was anyway.
  • i'd stay untill igot another job but cost the bastards as much as i could untill then. If they don't want to spend money on employees, the most valuable thing to any company i would cost them money in supplies or some other facate of the business. I have done this before and got fired because i was costing the company more than the pay cut they gave me. pricks.
  • I'd take the pay cut, thank you. At least you have a job.
  • We all took paycuts at my company. Then the company made some profit few quarters ago. Those bastard CEOs gave themselves bonuses.
  • Keep the job. I only have 6 years left to retirement.
  • Keep the job, take the pay cut, and look for another, better job immediately. No sense hanging around where you obviously aren't valued. Unemployment is a last resort.
  • My daughter was just told today that she is getting a demotion and pay cut due to budget concerns. Works for a School just like answer 16. She feels she is being discriminated against because they just hired 4 new people in the same position she had. As stated above was TOLD this. Should she ask for this in writing?
  • It would depend on how much money I'm making. I prostitute my self. If I'm making 200k a year and they cut my pay by 10 grand, I'm staying while I look around for another job.
  • pay cut
  • I took the paycut. It was better than no job & I've since got a promotion with better prospects...
  • if im not happy in the organization im with, i will quit because i will lose my focus working if im not comfortable
  • Take the pay cut and intensify my search for another job.
  • I have been in that situation and what most of you are saying is absolutely correct. You would lose your dignity if you worked so hard for 8 years then were told that you were being demoted. I would never allow myself to be fired by doing the wrong thing. Never burn your bridges. Remember that you are not your job and no job is worth losing self respect because you teach people how to treat you every time.
  • i would keep the job
  • Take the pay cut and immediately begin looking for another job. When you find another job call your bass and tell them you will not be coming in tomorrow or ever again.

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