• Justice - (ideally) attempts to restore the victim and/or attempts to penalize the criminal so that the criminal suffers to the same degree as the victim. *** If full justice were "magically" enabled, such that any "wish" that Justice made was magically fulfilled, then the victim would be restored to their health and wealth before being victimized, and the criminal would suffer the very same thing that the victim suffered, and for the very same amount of time. *** Revenge attempts to harm the perpetrator as much OR MORE than the victim, typically without any regard for punishment equal to the crime, and, indeed, sometimes itself involves a crime of equal or even greater severity.
  • Justice is doing the right thing legally speaking in order to prevent crime. Revenge is like a poison that takes over you. The person seeking revenge thinks they feel better about themselves but in revenge they will feel bad about what they did eventually. Some people are the other way around who don’t have remorse and no sympathy because they are psychopaths. They don’t think about the consequences of their actions and that can lead to trouble and have a brush with the law. Revenge and justice have different meanings.
  • Justice is when you get what you deserve. Usually determined objectively and predetermined to be fair and voted on by a group of legislators, but sometimes God takes it into His own hands. Revenge is based on emotion determined by the offended and fueled by hate. As shadow said it will destroy the holder and the offender doesn't care that they hurt so basically the offended is taking over for the offender in their present punishing themselves in place of the offender for as long as they decide to hate.

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