• To crush him to death? To shoot at him with a sling shot? EDIT: You mean the cyanide in the pits of fruit? I don't know how many are toxic but I used to eat them as a child ('cause grandma told me not to) and never had a problem. I don't suppose I ate many at a time. They didn't taste very good.
  • One, properly lodged in the throat.
  • Depends on how and where you administer them, I suppose... If you insert them into someone's windpipe: one. If you bury someone under a pile of them until they suffocate: probably a lot. If you shoot pits at someone out of an air cannon: some number in the middle. To my knowledge this has never been scientifically tested. Should you change your mind and proceed, be sure to send us a note from jail with final tallies. :)
  • About one hundred, if you're talking about the little fruity bit inside the peach pit.

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