• 'Tis not for me to judge - I'll let my prospective executioners speak on my behalf (careful people...I know where the candy is hidden...).
    • Linda Joy
      I think you're freakin' hilarious, too! May I have some candy, please? Preferably chocolate.
    • Army Veteran
      Meet me outside my van. In a dark alley. Between 11 pm and 3 am. Come alone. If you want wine, you'll have to bring it.
    • Linda Joy
      If you want whine you need to ask out DWW or Shadow! lol Cum alone?
    • Army Veteran
      I don't have my van anymore. I sold it to buy gas.
  • I'm like a 5
  • im not funny
  • I'm freakin' hilarious! People just look at me and bust out laughing! I'm short and fat and because of my bad ankles I waddle like a duck!
    • Army Veteran
      Ducks are cool. Peter Falk once said, "Being chased by Columbo is like being nibbled to death by a duck." Here is a Youtube interview where he says it. Skip ahead to 3:25 if you don't want to see the entire interview.

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