• Isn't that the title of a movie?
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      Thumbs up for stopping by. This is a tricky question. Ask the Hollywood producers who have altered Ed Gein's image. Ed Gein and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre character known as Leatherface are two separate entities. Ed Gein's killings happened in Wisconsin. It's just another Hollywood deception:
  • Ed Geain was one of the first serial killers who skinned his victims and then wore it. Gein would skin his victims and then use the skin to make himself into a woman, breasts and all. That's right, not only did he make lampshades out of skin he also made himself into a woman by wearing her skin.
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre was a horror movie inspired by the real life murderer Ed Gein. He did not receive a title. Ed was confined to a mental facility and unfit for trial.
  • Actually there are several serial killers who dismembered their victims, Ed Gein is only one. Here are some more:
  • A few elements of Gein's story inspired elements of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, particularly the character "Leatherface," as well as other famous characters, for example Norman Bates from Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, Otis Driftwood from Rob Zombie's films, and Buffalo Bill from Thomas Harris's novels. I think there is so much fiction around the real life Ed Gein because the story of a soft-spoken man who was trusted enough within his community to babysit people's kids ending up being so depraved that he had an entire belt made of the nipples of his victims, and no one suspected anything until police searched his home. It was rumoured even that one of the officers had a heart attack as a direct result from the stress of discovering such a menagerie of the macabre. It was also rumoured that a neighbour once caught Gein with shrunken human heads, and Gein explained that the heads were sent to him from a relative overseas as a novelty, when, in fact, they were actually the shrunken heads of some of his victims, which he had preserved himself. The neighbours thought Gein was shy and mousey enough that there was no further need for suspicion despite the bizarre sight.
  • He wasn't the real TCM. Some TV writer just gave him that name. Actually there were lots of serial killers who used to chop up their victims., Dennis Nilson also boiled his victims alive and Albert Fish chopped them up and ate them with garnishes were two. Gein probably got the title because he skinned them and made lap-shades out of them. This was also a common practice in Nazi Germany.

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