• I have had DeWalt drills, (battery and mains) for many years and they have lasted well.
  • Dewalt drill all the way
  • With regard to cordless tools, IMO Dewalt edges out Milwaukee. HOWEVER: it also depends on which PARTICULAR tools you use most. For most of the tools I need (which are quite a few), Dewalt typically equals or exceeds Milwaukee in online ratings (see: Amazon and Home Depot) and also in the wide variety of topquality offerings. I also like the fact that 60V ("FlexVolt") Dewalt batteries will work with 20VMax tools and, in fact, for several of the more recent 20VMax tools (the "Advantage" line) the 60V batteries provide more power than do the 20V batteries. Since I have need of both 60V and 20V tools, that is a second reason that the Dewalt line makes sense for me. *** BUT there ARE certain cordless tools for which Milwaukee's ratings are slightly higher than for Dewalt's competing tool. IF any of those particular tools are the tools you will most need / most use, then Milwaukee is your best choice, and in ANY case Milwaukee is NEARLY as good a choice as Dewalt. *** IMO no one else really competes with Dewalt and Milwaukee in the cordless tool department, especially if you need many different cordless tools that use interchangeable batteries. These batteries are VERY expensive, so once you've "bought into" one "system" of tools, it's much more economical to stick with that system (because you don't have to buy a battery with every tool purchase). *** When it comes to corded tools, just get the tool with the best reviews that fits your budget. Here I find Milwaukee, Dewalt and Bosch to typically be leaders, but Dremel, Festool and some others also make good showings. *** For hand tools, ditto with respect to buying tools with best reviews. I prefer to buy from an American company that offers a lifetime warranty. Having said that, I'm a huge fan of Knipex (German). Expensive! Not everything they make is top quality, but their pliers are without peer, and their Swedish pipe wrenches are also quite useful for the plumber. I like Wera screwdrivers, Channellock crescent wrenches (the "Wideazz" series. though the Knipex pliers-wrench is even better...and much more expensive), Ridgid pipe wrenches and tubing cutters, etc. etc. *** I feel the need to also mention flashlights. Although Dewalt has a great selection of lights that work with their rechargeable batteries, they are not waterproof and their smaller flashlights underwhelm. IMO there is no flashlight that competes with the Fenix line. Honest-to-God waterproof and super-rugged. I've put mine (accidentally) through the washer and dryer so many times it isn't funny...and they come out of the dryer working just as well as they did before getting washed. Fenix is the ONLY Chinese company I recommend, and in fact the only Chinese-made product that I recommend, and you will NOT be disappointed with their products.
  • Milwaukee I had heaps of dewalt tools as the battery's failed I replaced them with Milwaukee everything I have in the car is Milwaukee
  • Worked with a guy named Dewalt and bought a Toyota from a guy named Makita - and wouldn't you know was in Milwaukee. Are you stalking me or something? Oh, Hulk!...Huuuuuulk! I got someone here for you to repooort..!
  • I have all three about the same quality March 25 2022
  • I have all three about the same quality March 25 2022
    • Moving Violation
      What a bunch of "GOOMBAS" running this site I only posted this once March25 2022

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