• None of them they are damn liars, quit watching them and you will be better off. March 19 2022
  • When does the "brilliant" part kick in?
  • BBC World News online, so that I can choose the stories that I want to read. Note: like the other news providers, BBC has problems, but IMO they don't show up as often as they do in other reputable news sources. On rare occasion BBC has an irrefutably, inexcusably biased story. Well...that's tradition in news services. The better ones have less, and in that regard the BBC is better than most others. More frequently the BBC has a very poorly written story or headline. With regard to that second problem: IMO there has been a huge decline in the average quality of reporters throughout the industry. It's not just BBC that is having these authoring problems.
  • CNN & MSNBC are my most go to TV news sources . I like NPR too.
  • How times have changed I used to hate fox. Fox its called sky channel here my youtube feed shows a lot of fox. I must like how they take the piss out of Joe Biden.
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      Fox used to be independent thinkers until a few years ago when there was a misreporting of the death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Then they began Liberalizing their coverage a little more. Since the witch hunt against Trump shifted into high gear, they've gone back to more independent thinking again. I don't trust them as much as I used to, but they're still better than CNN, MSNBC, and the other Left-leaning media outlets that are still trying to bury Trump.
  • I like the commentators of MSNBC

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