• no way I can spend that much money on a car. by the time they are affordable and can do 700 or 800k's on a charge, Ill be too old to need a car
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      I see, thanks for sharing!
  • I've thought about getting an urban scooter, but I won't go all electric just yet.
  • "Going Green" is nothing but a scam. Biden and a few others have invested in mining operations in China and other countries that produce the minerals needed to make the batteries for electric cars. They are now trying to destroy the fossil fuel industry to corner the transportation market. What most people who don't already own electric vehicles don't realize is that the cost of replacing just the battery is more than the entire value of the car. There are no "savings" in buying an electric car. I'll never buy one.
    • Linda Joy
      My power is included in my rent. So it would be cheaper for me, and our power is nuclear. But to think they are going to destroy the fossil fuel industry is absurd. Most of our power comes from fossil fuel. Even a lot of the electric charging stations are connected to gasoline generators!

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