• I don't mind - as long as they maintain a level playing field when competing.
  • If that's what the organizations want to do and can manage to do: fine. Personally I still back the capitalist system - which is based on supply and demand, not on gender equality. As far as I know, women's soccer is less in demand and - therefore, naturally - should result in less pay for the players. I mean: what about minor leagues? What about pay equality between those players and professional leagues? Same principle...or do you see that pay difference as something NOT discriminatory? And what if - one day - women's soccer becomes MORE in demand than men's and - thus - women soccer players being paid better? Will that be viewed as some sort of discrimination (rather than a simple matter of supply and demand), and will there be a movement to increase the pay of men's soccer players to be commensurate with women's soccer players?
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      Thanks for sharing! Equal pay was among the earliest federal laws in 1963 under John F. Kennedy that aimed to end wage differences between men and women performing the same work in the same place of employment. In professional sports, the US Women's Soccer Team have inspired other female athletes in different sports to demand equal pay. It's a great movement and I love it.
      Yes. Now: I agree that a woman and man performing the same duties equally well should receive the same pay. That is COMPLETELY compatible with a supply and demand, which economy pays a particular position what the position DEMANDS in that economy. In many cases the "demand" for a particular position favors men. In many cases the "demand" for a particular position favors women. (Clearly OVER ALL and ON AVERAGE it favors men at this time.) Since a place in the Woman's soccer league is NOT THE SAME POSITION as a place in the Men's soccer league, and since the positions ARE NOT SUBJECT TO EQUAL MARKET DEMAND, no one in ONE position should expect pay equal to a person in the OTHER position.
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      Over half a century after pay discrimination became illegal in the US, a persistent pay gap between men and women continues to hurt our nation’s workers and our national economy.
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      Women working full-time in the US are still paid just 83 cents to every dollar earned by men, and the consequences of this gap affect women throughout their lives. The pay gap even follows women into retiremen. And as a result of lower lifetime earnings, they receive less in Social Security and pensions.
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      Quote: "positions ARE NOT SUBJECT TO EQUAL MARKET DEMAND" But men in other sports besides soccer are getting million dollar contracts, as if there is money to throw away. Golden State Warriors player Stephen Curry was on track to make more than $40 million in salary alone during the 2019–20 season. In the same year, DeWanna Bonner, the highest paid WNBA player,l was eligible for a base salary of $127,500.
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      In a case that has implications for the sports world, the US Women Soccer Players Association has recently won a settlement on discrimination and unequal pay.
  • Only if their children give them permission to do so, like they do in Saudi Arabia....?
  • It's about time.
  • was a double up. why i have no clue
  • if a woman does the same as a man ,yes equal pay
  • It's about time all women should get equal pay.
  • Where is the money coming from? If the league can afford to pay that much good luck to them. Here It wont happen as where is the money going to come from no one watches women's soccer its slow. Personally don't care but can't see it lasting, is the men's league subsidising their pay rise?
  • Women should be paid equal if they do equal work.

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