• Absolutely. Most of the time I eat it anyway - sorta like penance for not being more careful. I made a chicken soup about a month ago that didn't turn out well. Fortunately, I developed seasonal health issues and it zapped my appetite. By the time I recovered, the soup was too old to be eaten, so I got to throw it out. Talk about dodging a bullet - had I not gotten sick, I would have had to eat it, and I might have gotten sick. 😆
    • Hulk70166
      Or you could have just thrown it out in the first place. It sounds like dementia issues. I never eat anything that doesn't taste right or smell right. Its not worth a trip to the hospital.
    • Hulk70166
      "Penance for not being more careful" - So you eat your mistakes? I just throw them out. lol
    • Linda Joy
      I eat my cooking mistakes, too. I can't afford to waste.
  • Yes. Several recipes I've tried didn't turn out good enough to serve to company. A very few were unpalatable even for myself, in private.
  • Yup I used to cook tomato soup for customers in summer when they were nice and ripe. People told me they loved it but I never liked it.
  • There are times I disliked something I cooked. Its usually because the sauce was too spicy for my tastebuds.

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